Against the backdrop of the forecasts of BT Group, its shares fell to lowest level in 15 months

The British telecommunications company BT Group said that its revenue will decrease, because in the next 3 years it must pay 2.1 billion pounds to finance the pension deficit, which is 11.3 billion pounds, Bloomberg reports. BT predicts in the next fiscal year the reduction in base revenue by 2%, in adjusted earnings - by 1.3%. However, it intends to keep the dividends at the same level. After such forecasts, BT shares fell by 9.6%. On Thursday at 12:37 Moscow time, BT shares fell by 7.9% to 219.75 pence. The company also said it will cut 13,000 jobs in the back office and at the middle management level, but will increase the number of jobs by 6,000 in the network deployment and customer service segment.

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