Actions to combat climate change could add $26 trillion to the global economy until 2030


A study by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has shown that actions to combat climate change can add up to at least $26 trillion to the global economy by 2030, Reuters reports. The study dispels fears that the abandonment of fossil fuels will slow global growth. The authors of the study note that as a result of thoughtful investments in clean energy, cities and food products, as well as with more rational use of land and water, 65 million new jobs can be created in 2030. The transition from organic fuel to clean wind and solar energy will help by the year 2030 avoid 700 thousand premature deaths from air pollution. Based on the study, it is recommended that in developed countries, by 2020, the rates for carbon dioxide emissions be raised to 40-80 dollars per ton. States will be able to earn 2 trillion 800 billion dollars a year through reforms in subsidizing the energy sector and high prices for emissions.

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