According to Goldman Sachs, Brexit damages the economy of Britain in the amount of 600 million pounds a week


The damage to the UK economy from the decision to withdraw from the European Union is 600 million pounds a week, estimated at Goldman Sachs. Bank analysts have calculated that the country's GDP is currently 2.4% less than the possible rate if the British decided not to leave the EU. According to their analysis, the greatest losses are observed in the field of investment and consumer spending. The Brexit bill, thrice passed by the British government to a vote in parliament, was rejected three times. The European Union agreed to grant Britain a postponement of the Brexit date until April 12, when the country will have to leave the EU anyway. If Brexit takes place without an agreement, the losses of the British economy will be even greater, according to Goldman Sachs. At the same time, experts expect the acceleration of economic recovery, if the country remains in the EU.

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