A group of billionaires has proposed a tax on wealth in the United States


A group of American billionaires appealed to US presidential candidates in the upcoming elections in 2020 with a call to impose a wealth tax in the country. They were convinced that new taxes should come from the richest US citizens, and not from middle and low-income Americans. The letter was signed by 19 wealthy US citizens, including George Soros, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, Disney movie heiress Abigail Disney, and others. The document says that the wealth tax to the US budget will contribute to overcoming the climate crisis, support the health care system, and create new opportunities in the country. American billionaires in 2017 have already appealed to Congress with the idea of setting a fair amount of taxes for them and demanding not to cut taxes for rich families. This petition was signed by more than 400 richest Americans.

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