A city in Sicily is selling houses for 1 euro


Sicilian city Sambuca sells dozens of houses for 1 euro, Homes & Properties reports. The Italian village suffers from depopulation, so the authorities considered junk prices the only way to restore the region. The houses can be purchased directly from the municipality of Sambuca. Most of the property needs major repairs, so buyers will have to invest at least 15 thousand euros in the repair of the house for three years. Buyers will also pay a deposit of 5 thousand euros, which will be returned after repair. The authorities have already begun the restoration of the historic city. Buyers from France, Spain and Switzerland show the greatest interest, 10 homes are gone to the owners. In 2016, Sambuca became a candidate for the title of the most beautiful city in Italy. The sun in the city shines from mid-spring to October, and its territory is surrounded by forest.

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