57% of electric cars in 2019 will be sold in China


Bloomberg: in 2018, manufacturers will sell another 2.6 million electric vehicles. This will provide a 40% increase from last year, although in 2018 the electric vehicle market grew by 70%. Today in the world there are almost 5 million electric vehicles. The launch of new available models like Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model 3 this year will increase the fleet to 7.6 million cars. Most of the sales will be in the Chinese market. 1.5 million electric cars will be sold in the country, which will exceed half of all vehicle sales. The European market will have about 500 thousand electric vehicles. The most active buyers of electric cars in Europe are Germany and the Scandinavian countries. In the United States, there will be the possibility to realize 425 thousand electric vehicles. In 2018, sales amounted to 405 thousand cars. Japan and South Korea will have about 100 thousand electric cars. The annual growth in sales of electric vehicles is due to the lack of tax incentives for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles. Analysts confirmed the advantages of electric cars: last year they turned out to be 40% more environmentally friendly than traditional-fuel vehicles.

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