40% of the expenses for mobile apps accounted for China in 2018


The owners of smartphones, according to the results of 2018, spent an average of three hours every day on mobile phones. Almost half of all downloaded apps accounted for Chinese Internet users. The Chinese smartphone market slowed down last year, but users from China generated almost 40% of revenues, the total amount of which is $101 billion. Owners of phones downloaded products as a purchase and paid subscriptions online. Chinese users for the most part made purchases in games. Chinese companies received a third of consumer spending among the 300 largest companies in the world. This brought about $19.6 billion in revenue. Chinese Tencent, the leader of the Internet market, owns the WeChat messenger and is one of the five companies that received the most from user expenses. Tencent and other four companies are releasing video games. The Chinese smartphone market experienced a fall in 2018 and will decline in 2019.


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